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Amel Zen

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Singer, songwriter, and composer from Algeria, Amel Zen is one of the most remarkable and influencial voices that marked the Algerian musical scene in the last 10 years.



At the age of 10, she has joined the the Andalousian musical association "El kaissaria" in her hometown Cherchel, Tipaza, then in 2004, she has joined the Algerian national orchestra of Andalousian music as s soloist and kuitra player. After that, Amel Zen has obtained a diploma in architecture in 2007, and was qualified for the quarter finals of the national singing competition "Alhan wa Chabab" later that year.



In 2013, she has released her first album that combined the musical genres: pop, rock, Algerian and North African sonorities. In 2015, she has released a rock adaptation of the 18th century chaabi song Tlata, which was a national and international hit. In 2016, her talent and passion allowed her to be the first Algerian artist to succeed in joining the One Beat musical program through which she toured the United States. In 2020 her album "Jossour/Heqentarin" was lanched as a bridge between humans and cultures, in a Rock Progressif/World musical style.



Moreover, Amel Zen is an engaged artist and activist. She stands up for Human rights, equity and equality between men and women, and for children's rights as a member of Hbab l'Unicef. Very engaged in the Algerian movement "El Hirak", she has co-written the song Libérez l'Algérie, and released various songs that support the movement such as Houra, Fadjr el Houria, and Araw en telleli. This latter is in solidarity political detainees. Highly attached to her Amazigh and North African roots, Amel Zen works on improving the visibility of North African music and female voices.

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