plastic arts

Alizée Gazeau

Alizée Gazeau is a French artist born in 1990. 

Following on from her studies in Art History and Philosophy of Art at the Sorbonne University and a Master's degree focusing on the aesthetic issues of abstract painting in France in the post-war years, she continued her research by conceiving her practice as a possible way of exploring the world in poetry.


Opening conversations in the places she invests, her work sets up systems, in the form of structures and installations. This immersive work leads to the deployment of rhythms related to a natural process, a story, a mythology. The devices she installs in situ allow her to build up the receptacles of spatial and temporal experiments and to compose from these archives a memory of the experiment. 


In June 2018 she founded PAN, a non-linear art publication that offers meetings between theorists, artists, scientists and writers around a central theme for each edition. The second edition of Recognition is scheduled for the fall of 2019.