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Alice Guittard



An anecdote about your residency at the Cité internationale des arts?


"There are so many, but none that can't be shared without making waves."


You are participating in the 58th Biennale di Venezia, how did your residence at the Cité allow the construction of your project presented there?


"Time to raise thoughts and consider this project. Space to create new works, especially marble inlays that force me to work outside, which the Montmartre site offers. Then a chance meeting with Jacob Wiener, a resident of the Cité, who, through his energy and knowledge, encouraged and supported me to make my first 16mm film "Gondola Spinning" which I present here in Venice."







Alice Guittard is a French artist born in 1986. Preferring to the tangible results of imaginary solutions and to the roads all marked out their paths, Alice Guittard analyses her relationship to time, the viewer and the collective memory.


Her work always has as its starting point a literary reference and questions the notion of exhibition by revealing the background of creation and production. For her, exhibition rhymes with expedition. Her desire to push the limits of the exhibition by inventing each time another format, another language is for her a way to give rise to surprising analogies in the observer. Persisting daily in creating evidence of a crime that did not happen, she offers us what is there before our eyes and that no one sees. The forms are offered to her and she takes care of assigning them a new destiny, like the toys of a mad god. 


During the Venice Biennale and the month of French culture in Cuba at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Havana, Alice Guittard is invited by the International Cultural Institute to present her first two solo shows.

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