Alejandro Serna




Alejandro Serna is a Franco-Venezuelan violinist and professor who graduated from the Conservatoire (CRR), the Centre for Higher Education (CESMD) and the University of Toulouse. Born into a family of musicians, he began his musical studies in the "Sistema" in Caracas, Venezuela.This experience made him aware of the importance of sharing, of making music (as art) and of using it as a tool for inclusion and social development.


Also passionate about early music, his concerts and teaching as an educator are based on historical research, since his knowledge of the context allows him to propose "historically informed" interpretations in repertoires of all ages in order to find the expression of origin desired by the composer.


He currently pursues a double career as a performer and professor of violin and early music at the Conservatoire de Musique (CRD) in Tarbes.