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Akram Zaatari

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As one of the most influential artists on the Lebanese scene, Akram Zaatari represented Lebanon at the Venice Biennial in 2013 with Letter to a refusing Pilot. He has played a critical role in developing the formal, intellectual, and institutional development of Beirut’s contemporary art scene. As a co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation, he has made invaluable and uncompromising contributions to the broader discourse on history, preservation and archival practice. He works primarily with film and photography. He is represented by the galleries Sfeir-Semler (Beirut), Thomas Dane (London) and Kurimanzutto (Mexico).


Father and Son, his project for the residency at the Cité internationale des arts, explores alternatives to the restitution of cultural objects and thus plans to reunite two sarcophagi, those of a father and a son, Kings Eshmunazar II and Tabnit of Sidon, Lebanon (separated between Paris and Istanbul following an archaeological expedition), perhaps in the same space, perhaps symbolically or even virtually (3D digitisation and printing).

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