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Agathe Djokam Tamo

Based on an ideology of the body and concepts related to nature and the human being, Agathe Djokam Tamo is inspired by social realities but especially by her constantly evolving universe. She is also inspired by her daily life as a woman in society, in a loving relationship, devoted to dance and sports, using her daily repetitive gestures to shape her choreographies.


Between her Djibi-Badjep working technique (back and forth) and her improvisation phases – which allow her to dig deep within herself and be true to her audience – the dancer takes an introspective look at her work. 

Through the use of hip-hop cpmme technique or some codes of traditional dance, she puts a particular emphasis on children, the approach of the other and of oneself according to a precise subject and in a concise environment that she qualifies as "breath matter" in her choreographic process.


With a work nourished by curiosity, research and questioning, she wishes to transgress the norms of the contemporary milieu and move towards freer, crazier, more daring creations.

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