after affect

A proposal by Akim Pasquet

A partir du 27 avril 2022

Cité internationale des arts - Site du Marais
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Drawing on the various collaborative practices that arise during a residency at the Cité internationale des arts, a place where different disciplines, generations and nationalities come together, Akim Pasquet invited several artists to take over the foundation’s main building’s in-between spaces.

By uniquely occupying these atypical locations, after affect reflects the organic nature of the Cité internationale des arts, a place where, across the Marais and Montmartre sites, more than 300 artists live and work together in the heart of Paris.


after affect, what remains will surely be affect again. 

The invited artists are people with whom there was an underground, affective communication, whose relation produced in my body a movement, an emotion. An intuition. An affect at a distance. A seed of love. And sometimes it can remain there, sometimes it grows, sometimes it remains only a furrow, a small intimate but persistent rumour, a possible opening, an empowerment (Starhawk) to come, and already acting. It is also the impulse of the dream. A mutual capacity to welcome something from the other. There the energy of the other, there mine, their meeting awakens a power from within and nourishes. 

It is not an affect-thing or an emotion-thing, this movement does not enter the market system where the value has a price. The intimate, energetic flows, the links, my activation, the power of my displacement, of my alteration, of my rearrangement, of love, is a sharing with a dignity (Kant), where there is nothing to sell, without possibility of equivalence, it is not capitalizable.

No strategy, no message, only to assume this affective positioning, as first, as what counts, above all.  

Abed, Kay, Alan, Nelson, people before being artists, generous forces.

– Akim Pasquet 


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Akim Pasquet (b. 1986, France) is in residency as part of the "Cité internationale des arts & Centre national des arts plastiques" program.

Nelson Bourrec Carter (b. 1988, France/United States) and Kay Zevallos Villegas (Peru) are recipients of the "Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso & Cité internationale des arts" program.

Alan Strani, aka Alan Marzo (b. 1989, Italy) is in residency as part of the Cité internationale des arts "2-12" program. 

Abed Al Kadiri (b. 1984, Lebanon) is in residency thanks to the Al-Mansouria Foundation, Saudi Arabia.

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