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Ad Minoliti

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Ad Minoliti was born in 1980 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they live and work. Ad Minoliti’s draws on the legacy of geometric abstraction in their native country, Argentina, where geometry was used as a tool to imagine utopian political and social alternatives. The artist combines personal abstraction and playful figuration freely inspired by the codes of children’s iconography.


Ad Minoliti’s work has been presented in multiple institutions, including Tate, St Ives (UK) in 2022, CCC OD, Tours (France), and Baltic Center for Contemporary Art, Gateshead (UK) in 2021, and Museo de arte moderna, Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2018. Upcoming shows include Kunstpalais, Erlangen (Germany), in 2023.


Ad Minoliti wants to explore the role of Latin American Modern Art as a young force that can renovate the production and reception of contemporary art. Once the capital of the intellectual, artistic, and sexual fantasy of European male-dominated avant-garde, Paris stands as a special spot in which to develop an experimental analysis of feminist queer art and their Latin American identity within an international milieu. During the residency, she will develop a group of pieces of different media and materials, blending Rococo and Arte Madí (1) aesthetics, design and imagery that will form an installation in their studio composed of miniature dioramas, photos, objects, Gif animations, collages from Photoshop, and more traditional paintings and drawings.

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