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Achraf Touloub

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Achraf Touloub explores the links between tradition and modernity in a globalized world. His pictorial work has led him to take an interest in various forms of drawing, with an alternative treatment of lines: a motif is then created from a multitude of juxtaposed lines. He is represented by the Baronian Xippas Gallery in Belgium, the PLAN B Gallery in Berlin and in Cluj, Romania.



For his residency under the "Art Explora & Cité internationale des arts" program, Achraf Touloub will develop a new series of drawings and paintings based on the question of our perception of reality in a world increasingly connected and governed by the omnipresence of communication technologies.

Since the beginning of his practice, the artist has never stopped thinking about the initiatory and immersive dimensions of technological tools, which even merge with traditional representation strategies. This immersive dimension today challenges our way of deciphering and grasping our era. Each event that punctuates it gives the impression of being staged, of being part of an already written scenario in which, all together, we find ourselves sucked in. This dizzying feeling of being both actor and spectator of the image that faces us is one of the great consequences of communication technologies on our minds. This vertigo that we face leads the artist to think and experiment with new registers of perception in an attempt to navigate within the multiple superimposed dimensions that make up our contemporary world.


Achraf Touloub articulates his project around pictorial research and immersive formats, conceiving representation primarily as a carnal and intuitive experience. The aim is to give the image a functionality, that of generating a space likely to reconnect us with our primordial dimension.

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