2022 Residency Program

Centre national de la danse x Cité internationale des arts des arts

Deadline for applications: 06th February 2022 included

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The "Centre national de la danse x Cité internationale des arts" Residency is dedicated to choreographer or curators/programmers of performing art residing outside French territories


The purpose of this residency is to promote mobility and expand artistic and professional networks

For the choreographer, it is an opportunity to be promote his/her work in France and nourish the research.

The young professional already engaged in an artistic consulting function will be able to observe the French operating modes and to experience the french scene.


With this program, the Centre national de la danse and the Cité internationale des arts commit themselves to support the laureate's project by offering him/her a special support and a three-month residency in Paris and Pantin.




All the information and practical questions to read below (please consult these elements before submitting your application).





The residency

The recipient will benefit from:

• A three-month artistic residency, from May to july 2022, at the Cité internationale des arts, in a studio with a work-place and a furnished living-place (bedroom, shower, kitchen, wifi), located in the heart of Paris.

• A studio time, at the Centre national de la danse at Pantin, located North-Est of Paris.

• A free access to Camping event workshops (13-24 June, 2022).

• A specific artistic and professional accompaniment: access to the networks and documentary resources of the two partners.


The program includes:

• International transportation to and from Paris with a VISA and travel insurance.

• A grant for living expenses: 1 000 euros /mouth.

• A production grant: 1 500 euros (only for the choreographer, do not concern the curator).

• A presentation event, to be defined according to the laureate's project (only for the choreographer, do not concern the curator).


Eligibility and selection criteria

To apply, the choreographer must:

• Not be French or resident in France.

• Be at least 25 years old on the application deadline (February 6th, 2022).

• Not being more than 35 years old on the application deadline (February 6th, 2022) (only for the curator, do not concern the choreaographer).

• Be able to provide proof of professional artistic activity for at least three years.

• Have already created one or several choreographical’s projects (only for the choreographer, do not concern the curator)



Open call: 

From January 06th to February 06th, 2022 included



Wednesday, February 16th 2022



From May 2nd to July 29th 2022



Other questions
How to apply?

Candidates’ files must contain the following elements:

• Completed online application form (NB: you must have a Google account).

• A detailed resume.

• A note presenting the project proposed for the artistic residency



The selection committee

The selection will be made by a jury of professionals, with the directors of the three partner institutions, and a specialist invited for the program.
The portfolios and residency projects will be judged on the quality of the work, its artistic coherence, and the necessity of its realization in Paris. 


The live-in studio

With a surface area ranging from 25 to 60m2, the studio apartments are designed to combine production and daily life. They consist of a work room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a sleeping area. A live-in studio can accommodate up to two adults and a child up to 7 years old.


Unfortunately, the proposed live-in studio do not meet current accessibility standards for people with disabilities, and we are working on this for the future.

If you have any questions about the accessibility of the Cité internationale des arts, we are at your disposal


CND studio and Camping event

CND studio are 60 to 200 m2 area.


Camping is an international festival and platform of workshops, a unique experience bringing together artists from the international choreography scene, a unique artistic camp that makes all the poetic experiences of dance possible. For two weeks in Pantin, in the Île-de-France and in Lyon, Camping offers a programme of classes, workshops, talks, film screenings, professional encounters, public presentations and performances. Camping is aimed at everyone involved in dance, whether they be students, teachers, performers, choreographers or researchers, as well as a broad public of dance enthusiasts and spectators. More information:

One week of workshop corresponds to 20 hours of training from Monday to Friday from 2 to 6 pm.



The Centre national de la danse – CN D

The CN D is unique in that it brings together in a single establishment a wide range of professional activities, from professional dance training to careers advice, while also appealing to the general public.


A unique site in the service of dance

As a public establishment, founded thanks to the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the CN D brings together all of the resources aimed at the sector of choreography and its publics. It accompanies and trains professional dancers, enhances amateur practice, assists research, conserves and distributes choreographic heritage, supports the creation of choreographic works in all their diversity and dialogues with other artistic fields.

A team in the service of one and all

The expert, accessible teams of the departments of the CN D develop resources, transmit knowhow and knowledge, accompany professionals, amateurs and creative artists, while also dialoguing with the sector and the public in an exploratory dynamic so as to assist in the development of dance in the best possible way.

Central and welcoming

Firmly based in Pantin, in the outskirts of Paris, as well as in Lyon and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the premises of the CN D are genuine agorae that federate and favour exchanges.

International and nomadic

The CN D is open to the world and present both on the international scene and in France, reaching out to one and all through its innovative, mobile schemes.

In movement 

Being both a pioneer and a repository of the memory of dance, the CN D constructs a common space, while developing and encouraging initiatives. It is in motion alongside artists, professionals and publics.


La Cité internationale des arts

The Cité internationale des arts is an artist residency that brings together artists in the heart of Paris and allows them to implement a creative or research project in all disciplines.


From two months to a year, the Cité internationale des arts allows artists to work in an favourable environment for artistic creation, and to meet culture professionals. The team of the Cité internationale des arts provides residents with individual support.


In the Marais or in Montmartre, the live-in studios (spaces for living and creating) allow residents to cohabit with more than 300 artists and art professionals of all generations, nationalities and disciplines. In collaboration with its many partners, the Cité internationale des arts opens several calls for applications on specific themes and/or projects throughout the year.

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